Doubling Donation to NAD – Sept 2012

Over the early months in 2012,  we tried hard to find a partner willing to accept our donations, but that proved to be a bit more difficult than we anticipated.

Our experience this summer, working with Sprint Relay and the National Association of the Deaf at two national conference was wonderful, and we are excited to announce some news.

Going forward, 10% of our online retail sales of the DVD “I See the Crowd Roar : The Story of William ‘Dummy’ Hoy “will be donated to the National Association of the Deaf for the remainder of 2012.


We are doubling that donation to 20% through September 30, 2012


In conjuction with the organization that made our film possible, (The Roetheli Lil’ Red Foundation)  and in honor of the upcoming International Week of the Deaf (also known as Deaf Awareness week) September 24 – 30 we will be doubling the donation  during the entire month of September.

A full press release has been issued here